We are continually working towards improving documented procedures for quality assurance in all aspects of our activities.

Policy and Implementation

SSG makes every effort to ensure that all stages of a project, from the preparation and submission of a tender through to final publication, are subject to quality assurance. All project managers follow documented procedures laid down by the Unit which define their responsibilities and prove guidance on achieving standards; compliance is monitored at a monthly review of all projects. In addition, a range of internal and external guidelines are followed, as documented statement relating to Finds, evidence, Site Recording, Archives and Health and Safety.

The achievement of standards and best practice in its various activities is promoted by SSG through staff training. Staff are provided with in-house training on the performance of relevant tasks and activities, which supports the use of written guideline, and regularly attend relevant external training courses. All staff undertake a formal annual appraisal by trained appraisers.

The Quality Assurance Program

The quality of materials was achieved by ensuring that qualified staff in a particular field were involved. At times, it may have been necessary for the goods to be inspected, tested at the factory. This was to ensure that they complied with appropriate standards.