A pop-up style kiosk was the brief to go into Myer stores leading up to Christmas. Barbie By You was the title.

These kiosks allowed children (or adults!) to pick and design their own personalised Barbie, using touch screens. All while the little miracle workers inside these displays would make these created dolls on screen come to life.

The doll was then presented in a personalised box with the creator’s name. Within the kiosk you could have your photo taken with your own Barbie By You inside the oversized Barbie box. Amazing huh? The amazing team at SSG created 8 kiosks in total, all over the country.

All frame work, lit up Barbie sign, digitally printed wall panels as well as fit out the inside of the display to house all off the dolls, clothing and accessories were completed by us.

Other works by SSG were the front & back column display with LED lighting inside tubes where barbie stood. Printed graphics, wall paper wrapped around cardboard construction tubes.

SSG coordinated the transport and installations at the various Myer stores across Australia. This included dismantling and storage after the event, all while sticking to a very strict timeline.